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ArtifexED grounds all of our analysis with a geographic context, and leverages our capabilities in Geographic Information Systems and mapping to the benefit of our clients and communities in which we work. Knowing more than where, but also the extent, magnitude, proximity, and spatial and temporal variance of environmental processes requires this approach.

Our applications include hydrology and flood analysis, environmental pollution and contaminant transport, habitat protection, and environmental, infrastructure, and community planning. ArtifexED employs two and three dimensional frameworks for geographic study.

Our techniques integrate well with photorealistic methods in visualization and animation. We specialize in the modeling of natural and built landscapes, to help recognize impacts, both visual and process related, at challenging spatial scales.

We produce and publish maps for many types of applications, in digital, web-served, and print environments. Many applications require real time interactive controls, integrating data from client, public, and private resources, and custom development for advanced utilities.

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