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Understanding the hydrologic cycle and its role in our communities is of critical importance as our societies strive for sustainability. The relationship between our natural and built environment is predicated on the management of water. Modifying the hydrologic cycle for water storage and use, land transformation, and flood protection is a fundamental requirement of society. As populations increase, these pressures are becoming increasingly disruptive to natural hydrologic systems, and impacts are becoming regionally and globally significant.

ArtifexED’s role is to interpret, clarify, and describe the particular hydrologic and hydraulic processes related to an environmental problem or development concern. Recognizing the potential for solutions within this complex area requires a multidisciplinary approach, which seeks to identify the key variables, describe the governing processes, and strategize potential solutions.

Developing solutions to many of the hydrologic questions we face requires simulating these processes. ArtifexED has a wide capability in simulating rainfall, runoff processes, water quality dynamics, and sediment processes, at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. We rely on our expert staff in developing a model scenario, selecting appropriate tools, and designing efficient calculation strategies. The resulting model simulations can be viewed as animations, displayed as three dimensional graphics, and overlaid with geographic information to extract meaning and clearly demonstrate results.

ArtifexED provides hydrologic and hydraulic design, erosion and sediment management, floodplain management, and forensic hydrologic studies. We work in wetland and riparian science, and integrate ecology, geomorphology, fisheries, and habitat analysis specialists into our team of consultants.

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