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Environmental Impact Studies


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Watershed Management Studies

Water Resources Planning

Conservation Planning

Utility and Infrastructure Consulting

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Permit Analysis and Management

Funding Analysis

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Planning for sustainable futures, for our communities and environments, is a core value that many of us share. Many of the challenges, and opportunities, in project planning stem from the need for multi-faceted solutions to environmental conditions and development conflicts. ArtifexED assists in this process by providing a broad-based planning framework which enables robust decision-making, active and engaging community participation, and desirable project outcomes.

ArtifexED provides impact assessment studies, permit and regulatory review, economic analysis and funding assessments. With the capabilities of our staff and associates, we can anticipate constraints, and recognize and leverage opportunities for a comprehensive project solution.

ArtifexED draws on strengths in other areas to augment our planning services, including targeted research and investigation, water and environmental resource studies, modeling and visualization studies, and effective environmental design. These service areas help to build consensus, and clarify opposition by promoting a wider understanding of projected impacts.

While the focus of investigation and design is primarily local and community-based, we draw on regional, state and federal planning and funding resources to expand the impact of our analysis and design. By committing to projects with shared values and targeted goals, we can stand behind our clients as vigorous and knowledgeable project proponents.

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