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As society changes demographically, industrially and socially, many communities see renewed value in protecting and restoring their natural environments, in concert with economic development. The benefits of this approach will often outweigh the associated costs, producing more sustainable, and livable communities. Planning to preserve habitats is the most effective means of achieving protection.

ArtifexED helps to plan for resource protection and the compatible development of the client’s property. These plans start with recommendations founded on clear analysis and consideration of hydrologic and ecologic principles, and precepts of community design and engineering.

ArtifexED’s design process carries these concepts intact through design development, regulatory permitting, and construction. Some of our restoration activities include restoring highland streams impacted by agriculture, replacing riparian wetland habitats, and rehabilitating aquatic and upland areas impacted by erosion and hydrologic modification.

We provide field capabilities in data collection, monitoring, and surveying to support our work in hydrology, wetland science, and restoration.

In some cases, an acute environmental problem requires more intensive remediation. ArtifexED designs and implements surface water, groundwater and soil remediation plans that resolve the contamination issues, and enable the full economic development of the property. Our staff has served as specialized consultants on a large number of successful remediation and land reclamation work throughout North America.


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