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 Sustainable Land Development Minimize

Changing market practices in Land Development have encouraged the active role of landscape architects and others in designing thoughtful civic developments. Ecologists, and natural resource scientists, are increasingly employed to map development to appropriate locations, and protect existing resources.

ArtifexED provides design and technical consulting to land owners and their development teams. We recognize the value in multidisciplinary design, and the need to address multiple objectives for development. We can help to analyze existing conditions, protect natural and historic resource areas for the benefit of the community, and design infrastructure reflective of these values.

Design Philosophy
Our core values as a company in land development are the development of sustainable communities, the promotion of energy and material-efficient construction, the protection and restoration of our existing natural and historic heritage, and the production of clear, precise, and thorough project documents.

We achieve these goals by building a project team that includes our clients and project consultants. Communication – and documentation - of design intent is one of the most critical, and overlooked areas of development. Focusing on the goals of the comprehensive development program at the onset ensures that the team will work in the right direction, as a team.

Our technical staff employs the appropriate technology for efficient design, which provides the most flexibility for the client’s decision making process. Our tools include three-dimensional computer aided design and drafting, numerical tools for hydrology and hydraulics, and geographic analysis, opportunity and constraint mapping, and digital sketchbooks. We focus on at-distance collaboration tools to allow equal access to data and decision making for the project team, no matter where the project.


 Techniques Minimize
ArtifexED uses the following technologies and software platforms to assist in developing our client focused work. We are commited to employing state of the art solutions and custom tools where appropriate to meet the project needs.
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • ArcGIS
  • Mike11/Mike21
  • HydroCAD
  • Hydraflow
  • StormNET
  • SWMM
  • MathCad
  • Matlab
  • Success Estimator


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