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 Selected Projects in GIS and Visualization Minimize

Watershed Visualization Southern California
Developed mapping for The Nature Conservancy to facilitate community based watershed involvement. Developed GIS datasets and mapping optimized for graphic visualization of the watershed.

Orange County Precipitation Study Orange County, California
Studied precipitation patterns related to an extreme flood event using time series from both city and county gauges for this southern California region, using a GIS and custom coding to reveal spatial patterns. Computer animations and displays were developed in support of a legal case related to the flood event.

Terrain Analysis, Sri Lanka
Performed terrain analysis and hydrographic data reconciliation for a World Bank project dealing with reservoir sedimentation. Analyzed historic data and current hydrographic survey information, and created three-dimensional models of the reservoir and surrounding terrain, for visualization and volumetric analysis.

Lake Tawakoni Texas
Analyzed pollutant data to reveal spatial circulation and evolution of an MTBE spill in a large Texas reservoir. Ascertained three-dimensional mixing characteristics to provide information feedback to the sampling protocol. Developed GIS based maps and volume estimates of the contaminant, and estimated source contributions, locations, and material infiltrating to the subsurface.

Lake Tahoe Hydrodynamic Studies Sierra Nevada, CA
Assisted the Environmental Dynamic Laboratory at the University of California at Davis in the collection and processing of drogue location data using Global Positioning Systems to map circulation patterns in three dimensions. Developed GIS and track analysis.


Visualization Portfolio
At Artifex we have found that the RIGHT figure can express information to any audience, provide a vision of the proposed condition, or help to convey an abstract idea. For this reason we treat excellence in visualization as a core value that helps us, and our clients achive our shared vision.


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