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 Selected Projects in Restoration Design and Engineering Minimize

Gale Ranch Northern California
Performed hydraulic structure design for various components of a degraded creek restoration plan. Reviewed existing hydraulic and hydrologic models for accuracy and completeness, and indicated alternatives to meet problems in prediction and model performance.

Hamilton Army Airfield Restoration
San Francisco Bay, California
Assisted in a morphologic study to determine the best means of restoration of a former airfield adjacent to San Pablo Bay, CA. Work included development and application of a 2-dimensional hydrodynamic and sediment transport model of proposed breaching activities designed to restore the historic tidal marsh and confine contaminated materials currently onsite.

San Pablo Baylands Tidal Marsh Restoration
San Francisco Bay, California
Developed spatial analysis for pilot study and full scale restoration project to indicate success in modeling tidal processes, especially sediment deposition and preferential scour. Used a GIS to rank simulations for the successful estimation of model parameters.

Napa Sonoma Marsh Restoration
San Francisco Bay, California
Assisted the Danish Hydraulic Institute in the development of a comprehensive hydrodynamic, sediment transport, and water quality model of the Napa River, Sonoma Creek and the intervening marshlands and historic saltponds. Developed custom code to allow the extraction of geo-referenced cross sections from a very large terrain model and allow direct import to the modeling system.


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