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North Carolina Museum of Art Raleigh, North Carolina
Developed Site Planning and Storm Water Management Report to guide the development and stewardship of a innovative park and preserve on the museum grounds. The stormwater plan includes the integration of an artist's exploratory environment within the functioning stormwater elements.

Private Developments Western Slope, Colorado
Developed project hydrologic framework to build consensus among developers, municipalities, and surrounding communities concerning stormwater quality issues affedted by urbanization and construction impacts. Developed plans and procedures to control impacts from development, and to allow sustainable development.

Stream Gauge Reliability Study Southeastern Colorado
Developed dynamic numerical models for hydraulic and sediment transport at a number of locations along the Arkansas River and its tributaries, to improve the reliability of gauges for high flow conditions. Built a GIS database to provide contextual information for the modeling effort. Surveyed river channel and floodplain tracts using a real-time kinematic differential GPS system.

Orange County Precipitation Study Orange County, California
Studied precipitation patterns related to an extreme flood event using time series from both city and county gauges for this southern California region, using a GIS and custom coding to reveal spatial patterns. Computer animations and displays were developed in support of a legal case related to the flood event.


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