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 Selected Projects in Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Minimize

Lake Tawakoni Texas
Analyzed pollutant data to reveal spatial circulation and evolution of an MTBE spill in a large Texas reservoir. Ascertained three-dimensional mixing characteristics to provide information feedback to the sampling protocol. Developed GIS based maps and volume estimates of the contaminant, and estimated source contributions, locations, and material infiltrating to the subsurface.
Fisherman’s Wharf Water Quality Study
San Francisco Bay, California
Developed a detailed numerical description of hydrodynamic circulation as controlled by tidal processes for this historic urban waterfront in San Francisco, CA. Assimilated a variety of field measurements, bathymetric representations, and observations using a linked GIS environment.

Lake Tahoe Hydrodynamic Studies
Assisted the Environmental Dynamic Laboratory at the University of California at Davis in the collection and processing of drogue location data using Global Positioning Systems to map circulation patterns in three dimensions. Developed GIS and track analysis.


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